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#ADE12 Amsterdam Dance Event #VOLTT LIVE @ virtual Paradiso #SL!

DJ R3hab @ #ADE12 Amsteram Dance Event 2012 via DanceTrippin.TV @ Virtual Paradiso, Amsterdam Sim , SL

00:00 until 05:00 am CET ( = untill SL 8 pm PDT oct. 20th) VOLTT Paradiso Amsterdam Dance Event 2012

Enjoy the best DJ’s at the biggest RL club festival in the world also online in a 3D-social-media enviroment!

VOLTT invites
Mathew Jonson (M-nus / Itiswhatitis, CA) live
Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanzen, DE)
Minilogue (Wagon Repair, SE) live
Anton Pieete (Rejected, NL)
Bart Skils (VOLTT, NL)

From Paradiso venue in Amsterdam NL > live to Paradiso at Amsterdam in SL! Via

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 >>> <<< (ADE Live Video stream for SL Viewers 2 or V3 only!)




What is the Amsterdam Dance Event?

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. The daytime program offers a wide selection of conferences, including interactive workshops, mentoring sessions, technical demonstrations and in-depth round-table discussions, alongside a series of pop-up shops, musical/cross-cultural happenings and unique one-off events (ADE Playground) across the city. The nighttime music festival features more than 300 events over five days in 75 venues around the city. Each year, the ADE attracts over 3,500 conference and 200,000 festival visitors – including 30,000 tourists – from over 62 countries.

#VOLTT Paradiso #ADE12 Amsterdam Dance Event 3D-Social-Media: Amsterdam Sim in SL


EK2012 voetbal op ´t virtuele Museumplein in SL!

3D-Social Media: Beleef het Europees Kampioenschap Voetbal samen in Amsterdam Sim!

Groot live TV scherm op het virtuele Museumplein in Second Life! 

Attentie: Viewer 2 of 3 of bijvoorbeeld Firestorm Viewer nodig. En de NOS tv beelden zijn alleen te zien voor mensen die zich RL in NL bevinden

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30 july: Elvis Presley Live in Amsterdam!

short link

e n g l i s h:
The King sings famous songs in the Dutch Royal Palace in SL:
  “The Play n’ Elvis Show”
Saturday july 30th 2011
SL 1:00 PM PDT (= 22:00 CEST)
European Sim Stage Premiere!
The American SL resident ‘Play Magic’ brings Elvis back to life each and every time he’s on stage.  Combining his phenomenal voice and great sense of humor with fabulous costumes and his skills of impersonation, Play has created a top-notch SL show.
You’ve seen the rest, now see the best!
 SL 2:00 PM PDT: “Elvis has left the simulator, thank you and goodnight!”`
SL 2:30 PM PDT: – Roof Dance Party at the Jordaan Art District with DJ Surprise

n e d e r l a n d s:
The King zingt bekende liedjes in het Koninklijk Paleis op De Dam:  
“The Play n’ Elvis Show”
Zaterdag 30 juli 2011
22:00 uur (= SL 1:00 PM PDT)
Europese sim podium premiere!
De Amerikaanse SL bewoner ‘Play Magic’ brengt Elvis weer tot leven iedere keer dat hij het podium betreedt. Met de combinatie van zijn fenomenale stemgeluid, een goed gevoel voor humor en fantastische costuums zet Play als Elvis imitator een topkwaliteit SL show neer.
“You’ve seen the rest, now see the best!”
23:00 uur: “Elvis has left the simulator, thank you and goodnight!”“
23:30 uur: – Dak Dans Feest in de Jordaan Kunst Buurt met DJ Surprise

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