28 june 28 @ De Waag, Amsterdam NL + SL: Digital Masquerade | #SL15B

41213867150_79e15c40c4_oJoin us at the cross-reality event ‘ Digital Masquerade‘ about identity & anonymity …

🔸Physical @ the 15th century Waag building in Amsterdam (NL)

🔸 – Virtual @ the 21st century Waag building in AmsterdamSim (SL)

Thursday june 28th, 2018



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This ‘cross reality’ event will take place simultaneously in RL and SL in the same location, the ‘Theatrum Anatomicum’ room in the historical Waag building in the city of Amsterdam as well as in the virtual Waag building at Amsterdam Sim in the virtual world Second Life.

RL & SL audience will be communicating via live chat. The event will be projected live in and out of RL & SL Waag.


Nieuwmarkt 4
1012 CR Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Sim, Second Life


Digital Masquerade is part of the Waag series Manifesting Futures, avant-garde club nights full of critical sounds, art and technology. In each edition we discover in an experimental future scenario of an artist, critical thinker or musicians.