AmsterdamSim & MMIF in TimeOut Amsterdam

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In the june 2011 issue of Time Out Amsterdam magazine:

Page 3: “‘Virtual Amsterdam” mentioned in magazine contents top left, under “Dammed”.

Page 14: Article about AmsterdamSim in SL: “Mock Mokum”.

Page 9: Monthly planner…  “Have a reel good time at the weird and wonderful Ma Machinima International Film Festival”.

Page 71: Film Preview article about MMIF 2011 – Ma Machinima International Festival june 17/18 in Second Life + Club Karlsson Amsterdam NL.

Time Out Amsterdam is a montly printed guide to culture and to what’s on in Amsterdam. It costs 2.95 euro. The june 2011 issue is also for sale online via .  Only three zoom in previews are available via

Click here for a paper scan of TimeOut’s “Mock Mokum”


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